Java Swing Docking Framework

Sanaware Java Docking is a library for managing the windows of a Java Swing application.

With the Sanaware Java Docking Framework you can:

  • Organize the windows of your application in panels, split panes, tabs, lines, grids and floating windows.
  • Reorganize the windows of your application by drag and drop.
  • Minimize and maximize your windows.
  • Save your workspace.
  • Organize the toolbars, buttons, and actions of your application.
Sanaware Java Docking
  • Has a simple and well documented API.
  • Can be used with a minimal amount of code.
  • Can be combined with your favourite look and feel.
  • Provides a lot of samples.
  • Provides the source code.
  • Has a small jar (341kB).
  • Is free for other open source projects.
The library works with Java 1.4 and later. If you want to use all the features you have to use Java 6.0 or later.

:: Downloads ::

Download the Sanaware Java Docking library.

:: Examples ::

Main Sanaware Java Docking Example:

  • Shows some docked windows.
  • The windows can be dragged and dropped in new positions.
  • Has actions to open and close windows.
  • Windows are opened again in their last position.
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Dock Gallery Example:

  • Shows the basic docks of the Java Docking framework.
  • Shows static and dynamic dragging.
  • Shows basic and decorated dockables.
  • Shows default and custom drag rectangles.
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Dynamic Docking Example:

  • Shows dynamic dragging of windows.
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New release:

Javadocking 1.5.0

Main Example

Screenshot of the main example.

Dock Gallery

Screenshot with minimized dockables.
Minimized with images

Screenshot with a border dock.
Border Dock

Screenshot with floating windows.
Floating Windows

Screenshot with a line dock.
Line Dock

Screenshot with a composite grid dock.
Grid Dock