Package com.javadocking.dockable

Contains the interfaces and implementations for dockables.


Interface Summary
CompositeDockable A dockable that is composed of multiple, different dockables.
Dockable A dockable is an object that can be moved around and docked in a Dock.
DraggableContent A Dockable that has an implementation of this interface as content, can be dragged by dragging the content component.

Class Summary
ActionDockable A decorator for a delegate Dockable.
ButtonDockable This is an implementation for a dockable that serves as wrapper around components like buttons.
DefaultCompositeDockable The default composite dockable implementation that keeps its dockables in an array.
DefaultDockable The default implementation for a dockable.
DockableState This class defines the constants for the possible states of a dockable, e.g. closed, normal, maximized and minimized.
DockingMode This class defines the constants for the possible modes of docking a dockable.
StateActionDockable This action dockable is a decorator for a delegate dockable.

Package com.javadocking.dockable Description

Contains the interfaces and implementations for dockables.

A dockable is a wrapper around its content. The content should be a java.awt.Component. The dockable provides the functionality to move the content from one Dock to another dock. The dockables can be moved, the docks stay always at the same place.

Information on using dockables is in How to Use Dockables in The Sanaware Developer Guide. Information on adding, moving, and removing dockables is in How to Add, Move, and Remove Dockables

The main interface for a dockable is Dockable. There is 1 important extensions of this interface: CompositeDockable for dockables that are a composition of multiple dockables.

Some implementations of Dockable are:

An implementation of CompositeDockable is: