Uses of Interface

Packages that use Visualizer
com.javadocking.model Contains the functionality for dock models and docking path models. 
com.javadocking.visualizer Contains the interfaces and implementations for Visualizers. 

Uses of Visualizer in com.javadocking.model

Methods in com.javadocking.model that return Visualizer
 Visualizer DockModel.getVisualizer(java.lang.String key)
          Gets the visualizers of this dock model that has the given key associated to it.
 Visualizer DefaultDockModel.getVisualizer(java.lang.String key)

Methods in com.javadocking.model with parameters of type Visualizer
 void DockModel.addVisualizer(java.lang.String key, Visualizer visualizer, java.awt.Window owner)
          Adds a visualizer with its key to this dock model.
 void DefaultDockModel.addVisualizer(java.lang.String key, Visualizer visualizer, java.awt.Window owner)
 void DockModel.removeVisualizer(Visualizer visualizer)
          Removes the visualizer from the dock model.
 void DefaultDockModel.removeVisualizer(Visualizer visualizerToRemove)

Uses of Visualizer in com.javadocking.visualizer

Subinterfaces of Visualizer in com.javadocking.visualizer
 interface Externalizer

Classes in com.javadocking.visualizer that implement Visualizer
 class DockingMinimizer
           This visualizer shows minimized dockables in components that can be docked and moved around by themself.
 class FloatExternalizer
           This is the default externalizer.
 class LineMinimizer
           A visualizer that shows minimized dockables in a line at a the bottom borer of a panel.
 class MinimizerPanel
          A visualizer that shows minimized dockables in a line in a panel.
 class SingleMaximizer
           A visualizer that can show one maximized dockable.