Uses of Interface

Packages that use SwComponentFactory
com.javadocking Contains the interfaces and implementations of the Java Docking library. 
com.javadocking.component Contains the interfaces and default implementations for the components and component factories that are used by the docking library. 

Uses of SwComponentFactory in com.javadocking

Methods in com.javadocking that return SwComponentFactory
static SwComponentFactory DockingManager.getComponentFactory()
          Gets the Swing component factory.

Methods in com.javadocking with parameters of type SwComponentFactory
static void DockingManager.setComponentFactory(SwComponentFactory newComponentFactory)
          Sets a new Swing component factory.

Uses of SwComponentFactory in com.javadocking.component

Classes in com.javadocking.component that implement SwComponentFactory
 class DefaultSwComponentFactory
           This Swing component factory provides default implementations for the creation of the components that will be used by the docking library.