Interface DockHeader

All Superinterfaces:
DragHandle, Header
All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultDockHeader, PointDockHeader, PointGripDockHeader, SingleDockHeader

public interface DockHeader
extends DragHandle, Header

A header for a dock.

It is used as a handle for dragging all the dockables that are docked in the dock. The dockables can be dragged by dragging the component that implements this interface.

Information on using dock headers is in How to Use the Component Factory in The Sanaware Developer Guide.

Implementations of this class should inherit from the class javax.swing.JComponent.

Heidi Rakels.

Method Summary
 LeafDock getDock()
          Gets the dock of this header.
Methods inherited from interface com.javadocking.drag.DragHandle
getDragListener, setDragListener
Methods inherited from interface com.javadocking.component.Header
addPropertyChangeListener, dispose, getPosition, removePropertyChangeListener, setPosition

Method Detail


LeafDock getDock()
Gets the dock of this header.

The dock of this header.